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Fitness & Movement

Functional Fitness Consultations (15 min) : THB 500 (Temporary Unavailable)

Functional Fitness Assessment (30 min) : THB 1,200 (Temporary Unavailable)

E-Fit (30 min) (Temporary Unavailable):THB 1,400 (Temporary Unavailable)

Get record results in minimal time, with our EMS training. A specially-fitted suit uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles, while your trainer guides you though simple exercise regimes to improve strength, posture and cardio health.

  • 5 sessions                                                                         THB 6,650 (THB 1,330/session)
  • 10 sessions+ 1 free session                                      THB 13,000 (THB 1,181/session)
  • 15 sessions+ 2 free sessions                                    THB 18,900 (THB 1,111/session)

Functional Fitness: Personal Training (60 min) : THB 2,000 (Temporary Unavailable)

One-on-one sessions with our experienced personal trainer who’ll create a personalized program to help you learn more about your body, workout efficiently, and move correctly to achieve your wellbeing goal.

  • 5 sessions                                                                          THB 9,500    (THB 1,900/session)
  • 10 sessions + 1 free session                                      THB 18,500 (THB 1,681/session)
  • 15 sessions + 2 free sessions                                    THB 27,000 (THB 1,588/session)

Private Stretch Class (30 min) : THB 1,200 (Temporary Unavailable)

1-on-1 session with our experienced personal trainer to relax the muscles, increase flexibility, and improve range of motion. Stretching also promotes better blood circulation, improves the posture and prevents injury. Recommended for people that suffer from muscle stiffness and need to release stress, tension, and toxins or exercise frequently.

  • 5 sessions                                                                        THB 5,700    (THB 1,140/session)
  • 10 sessions+ 1 free session                                     THB 11,000 (THB 1,000/session)
  • 15 sessions+ 2 free sessions                                   THB 16,500 (THB  970/session)

Group Fitness Classes (60 min): Special Event

Group classes are held in various disciplines, such as Stretch, Bootcamp, and Qi Gong, to improve physical fitness and mental strength. While this is a group activity, we put a strong focus on individual performance and correction.

A Mindful Path to A Better Body and A Better Life