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3-7 Day Packages

Wellness Health Packages

  • 3 days        THB 15,310
  • 5 days        THB 19,600
  • 7 days        THB 27,190

3-7 day detox programs to help your body remove toxins, improve your digestive function and

relieve symptoms of inflammation. Energy level boost guaranteed!

  • 3 days        THB 18,080
  • 5 days        THB 23,350
  • 7 days        THB 28,700

Make good progress with our 3-7 day holistic weight loss programs! For a lighter and slimmer

body, an increased metabolism, and boost in energy levels.

  • 3 days        THB 15,280
  • 5 days        THB 19,520
  • 7 days        THB 26,150

Strengthen and tone your body with our 3-7 day better body package in which we combine

high-tech body treatments with functional training and passive exercise.

  • 3 days        THB 10,280
  • 5 days        THB 17,480
  • 7 days        THB 24,780

Counter the effects of aging and high-stress lifestyles with this rejuvenating 3-7 day program.

This package uses functional and holistic medicine to balance hormones and calm inflammations that contribute to premature aging and chronic diseases. Improve your mental clarity, vitality and slow down the aging process!


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