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Consultation & Diagnostics

Wellness Consultation (60 min): THB 1,900

The starting point for any health journey. This in-depth consultation explores your current and past health status, your interests and lifestyle and provides advise on how to reach your specific goals.

Functional Medicine Consultation (60 min): THB 2,200

Concerned that your body is out of balance and hormones, gut health or lack of vitamins/minerals are slowing you down or preventing you from losing weight? Our Functional Medicine Doctor assesses your current state and suggests strategies for how to get your body back into balance through scientific, natural methods.

TCM Diagnosis: THB 950

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), palpation of the pulse at the wrist and inspection of the tongue are used to evaluate the patient’s state of health and make diagnoses.

Physiotherapy Diagnosis: THB 500

Physiotherapy Diagnosis (PT Diagnosis) is the physical evaluation for diagnosis physical diseases or disorders based on Physical therapy assessment such as initial history taking, Palpation, Manual Testing of Muscle strength, Range of motion and Basic Neurological examination, etc.

Postural Analysis: THB 1,000

A comprehensive assessment of your structure and movement, conducted by our physiotherapist. Including posture, range of motion, physical tests and measurements, this is a ‘must’ for anyone with musculoskeletal pain or conditions.

Functional Fitness Consultations: THB 500

Consulting and providing personalized fitness plans and health guidelines based on your fitness goals to get the best result and prevent harmfulness from any injury.

Functional Fitness Assessment: THB 1,200

Looks at how well your body moves, to provide a personalized exercise program. We examine strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, flexibility and stamina. Also identifies injury risk and the cause of current pain or discomfort.

Body Composition: THB 500

Uses bio-impedance analysis to analyze your weight and percentages of bone, fat, water and muscle. Also shows imbalances in the body that may cause health challenges.

3D Body Scan: THB 800

Infra-red imaging creates a 3D model of your whole body – showing every curve, accurate to within 2mm. Guides postural correction and is a wonderful tool for tracking physical improvement.

Stress Assessment (Heartmath): THB 1,500

Uses heart rate variability (HRV) to assess how stress is impacting your nervous system, with the flow-on effects to physical and mental health. Includes simple exercises to improve your resilience to stress.

Wellness Health Check Up: Various

Wide variety of blood, urine, stool and DNA tests are available, to deeply assess your current health conditions and determine root causes that prevent you from achieving optimal health and wellness. There are many wellness health checkup packages available at BodyConscious which target specific needs, including weight management, energy boost up and stress management, detoxification, anti-aging, hormone balancing, beauty and brightening, food intolerance, sleep and emotional enhancement, immunity enhancement, pain management and skin condition. Apart from the packages, we also offer health checkup programs that tailor to your specific needs and health conditions.

A Mindful Path to A Better Body and A Better Life