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Say Goodbye to Fatigue

Say Goodbye to Fatigue

If you feel you have reduced capacity in doing your daily activities, feel exhausted easily, have  difficulty with concentration or remembering simple things, disrupted sleep or even emotional swings you may be suffering due to any number of factors including; poor diet, dehydration, sugar imbalance, cancer, sleep apnea, hormonal imbalance, chronic infection, anemia, leaky gut syndrome, sedentary lifestyle or environment toxin overload.

If you want to know which one(s) are the cause of your condition there are some excellent tests available which help us to determine the root cause of your condition.  Checking hormonal levels such as thyroid function, adrenal function, blood sugar, insulin, hematocrit, vitamin and mineral levels, inflammatory markers, vitamin and antioxidant deficiencies, oxidative stress, mitochondrial function, energy production paint a picture for you of why you are experiencing such symptoms.

A urine organic test can assess your Krebs cycle which indicates if your cells are having energy dysfunction in any way. Your cells will not operate well if you have deficiencies in important vitamins and enzymes and this could be affecting your health.  It has become quite common for people to  have un-diagnosed food intolerances which cause them to lose energy or suffer from inflammation without really knowing which foods are causing the problem.  A sensitive food intolerance test may be advisable

There are many nutrients that can improve your energy level such as Vitamin B, C, and D, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Omega 3 and Probiotics but second guessing which ones you are deficient in may not lead you back to optimal health. Taking a blood or urine, food intolerance or even a Nutrigenomic test to know what is happening right now in your body is a good place to start.

For all conditions we advise you to avoid sugar, bad fats, processed foods and to be better at hydrating yourself with water.  It is often very difficult to get started until your energy returns so we recommend the tests to understand your condition, supplements to alleviate the immediate problem which will give you the strength and motivation to make more permanent and long lasting changes.

Recognising it is not only the knowledge but the motivation that’s often needed, we are experts at walking with you to make the changes helping you with lifestyle modifications to your diet, exercise and even your spiritual journey if needed.