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No-one wants a hangover and when they hit we often feel considerable physical discomfort from headache to nausea to aches and pains.  And whilst reaching for a coffee, sugary drink or greasy breakfast might feel like it will help it rarely does and we limp through the rest of the day under a cloud of regret with an inability to concentrate.

There is another solution however – one that is fast acting and getting incredible results.  Physicians are increasingly recommending IV hydration therapy to treat hangovers. Dehydration and deficiency of vital nutrients are a key cause of those nasty symptoms we are feeling and IV therapy is the fastest way to re-hydrate the body and restore essential nutrients.

Whilst we encourage you to have a balanced life we also know that it can happen that sometimes that quiet night with a few drinks becomes something much bigger and next minute you are waking up feeling like a bus ran over you.

IV hydration therapy along with vitamin additives aches work together to eliminate the effects of a hangover, and enable a person to reclaim their day. Body Conscious provides IV hydration therapy to treat hangovers to Bangkok residents

Our IV hydration therapy uses a minimally invasive procedure to intravenously deliver fluids, vitamins, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

This innovative medical spa treatment can provide relief from a hangover and an accumulative effect of dehydration. Our IV’s are administered by our trained nurse under the supervision of our Functional Medicine Doctors.   The treatment is safe and produces highly effective outcomes to eliminate a hangover.

You will gain quick relief, feel re-hydrated, and experience an improvement in appearance.

Clients with certain health conditions may not qualify as candidates for IV hydration therapy and we will check with you prior to any treatment whether the service is suitable for you.


The entire procedure, from feeling awful to feeling renewed can be completed is usually completed within 45-60 minutes.


If you are reading this because you have a hangover right now don’t hesitate to call us on 02 302 2861 and we might be able to help you immediately!  We are open Tue through to Sunday 10 am -7pm.