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Holistic Therapies

BodyConscious Signature Body Work (90 min): THB 3,500

A Holistic therapy focuses on body, mind, and soul. Starting with gentle breathing meditation with special music to make your mind calm quickly into alpha brain wave (deeply relax and calm down) together with crystal stone putting on your heart, solar plexus, sacral chakra to enhance your mind, energize, powerful and rebalance the body. To make your mind lets go of stress, we use a signature relaxing massage oil combining with several massage techniques which are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Hot stone, Thai massage, and tension relieving stretch.

Gut Health Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) (60 min): THB 2,500

A deep abdominal massage that improves elimination and stimulates the internal organs, helping ‘train’ them to work more efficiently. This treatment also helps to release unresolved emotional tension that are often held in the digestive system (stress and ‘gut feelings’). A perfect complement to any cleansing program, as well as promoting general health maintenance.

  • 4 sessions                                                 THB 8,000 (THB 2,000/session)

Add on treatment (recommended)

  • Acupuncture (30 Min)                                THB 1,100

For greater effectiveness add an acupuncture session to support rebalance of your internal organs. The gut health massage treatment is performed first following by acupuncture determined by your gut health and pulse diagnosis.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (60 min): THB 2,500

MLD is a gentle but very effective form of bodywork that promotes detoxification. The lymphatic system is the ‘waste disposal’ system of the body, but unlike the blood circulatory system, it has no equivalent like the heart to pump the waste away. The lymphatic vessels are located just below the skin, so MLD uses a very light touch to stimulate lymph flow and sweep away toxins and excess fluid. Essential to any cleansing program, and for those suffering fluid retention.

Hand Therapy (45 min): THB 1,500

Hand reflexology massage is a holistic therapy applying pressure focus on forearms and hands at acupuncture points on various reflex points around your hands. The benefit of this treatment helps release the muscle, fascia and nerves at your hands and forearms for people who use a lot of electrical devices, immune boosting and improves hormone balance especially thyroid hormone. Massaging the points can also help to relieve symptoms in other areas of the body. We create and combine techniques for the effective results such as acupressure points and myofascial release.

Foot Therapy (45 min): THB 800

Reflexology is an ancient healing practice in which pressure is applied on reflex points along the feet corresponding to the body’s different organs and glands. Reflexology helps to relieve pain in different parts of the body, improves blood circulation and promotes overall wellbeing, better sleep, and relaxation.

Tension Release Massage (60 min/80 min): THB1,500/THB 1,800

Tension Release Massage pays particular attention to stiff, congested and tense areas of the body to loosen the muscles, reduce pain and improve range of motion. Using a combination of Trigger Point Therapy, slow deliberate strokes, deep muscle manipulation and stretching in order to reduce muscle and nerve tension. Working according to your specific needs this treatment can release whole body tension or concentrate on one particular area. Instant relief is guaranteed however for chronic conditions one treatment may not be enough and a package of treatments may be recommended.


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A Mindful Path to A Better Body and A Better Life