You may find it surprising to know that there are two types of ranges in the field of blood, urine and stool chemistry analyses: a pathological range and a functional range. The pathological range is used by most doctors to diagnose diseases whereas the functional range, which is the range that we use here in BodyConscious, is used by naturopaths and functional medicine doctors to assess potential risks for diseases before they develop.

Most doctors (and most laboratories), use the pathological range to advise patients about their health status.  Generally, if the test results are within the range, the particular patient is considered ‘normal’. On the other hand, if the test results are out of range, the doctor will look for signs of diseases.


Unlike the pathological range that doctors normally use in hospitals, at BodyConscious, we use the Functional Range, which is narrower than than the pathological range. For example, the pathological range for glucose is 65 – 110 mg/dl, but the functional range is 85-100 mg/dl. Levels above the pathological range may indicate diabetes. Levels above the functional range, before they reach the extremes of the pathological range, may indicate insulin resistance and future risk for developing diabetes. We like to predict future health conditions rather than assume that everything is okay until it is not!

Sometimes a client will tell us that they have already had their doctor run labs and they are “normal,” however we re-enquire into that same information and often come out with very different advice that could help to prevent the disease development.  

Conventional medical training generally teaches health care providers to look for disease and to assume everything is normal until disease is indicated. 

At BodyConscious, we do not only define “health” as being free of disease, but also having good energy levels, healthy digestion, ideal physiological function, happy lives etc.

We use the functional range when evaluating our patients, and we combine this information with the conversation we have had about the clients own assessment of their health conditions. This allows us to see more of the whole picture and the whole person – we can see if things are starting to go in the wrong direction and help our clients correct that through natural medicine.

We work with cutting edge laboratories to provide tests that can help you, and us, to understand where you are doing well and where your body may be having challenges. For example, we provide comprehensive hormone tests that can help us to understand if your hormone system is working well or not.   We have a urine organic acid test which helps us to understand your cell function and metabolism (carbohydrate and fat), and to understand what is happening with your neurotransmitters, energy production metabolites (Kreb’s cycle), oxidative stress, microorganism balance in the gut, toxicants and detoxification system.  These tests will help you to know how your body is functioning and where it might need more support for optimal health.

If you would like to find out more about these tests, please contact us – we would be happy to offer a 20-minute complimentary consultation with one of our health professionals to see if these tests might help you.

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