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Having optimal health improves individual’s work, life and relationships. At BodyConscious, we use comprehensive lab work and tests to know how individual is doing and we help them to achieve optimal health through our services and guidance.

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Andrew Content Creator

We freely spend time and money to become unwell - often without realizing it. Then one day you wake up and you are faced with a new reality, that which is ‘gospel’ is not - it’s just old outdated information that is not relevant to 21st Century living. At BodyConscious the team is very supportive (and happily, even a little dictatorial at times), with a relevant and updated core of knowledge, skills and machines from which they were able to help me correct my old habits and guide me in the development of new healthier ones to get life back on tract. 

    Andrew’s Journey

    Meet Andrew, an entrepreneur who was knee-deep in work and in a trap of fast food. Always on the go – he joined the Body Conscious program to put himself first. Find out how Andrew regains his health, vitality, and freedom of movement in this video.

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