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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM Diagnosis (30 min): THB 950

BodyConscious Signature Oriental Body Toning (90 min): THB 3,500

This carefully crafted Oriental body treatment follows Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy to tone up the body line. Metabolism is stimulated by combining acupuncture with infrared light to speed up the fat burning process and promote body toning. Cupping is then applied to break down cellulite and fat cells. The waste products are then drained through the lymphatic system to create firmness and tone of the body. After the treatment our TCM doctor also provide important information, herbs and supplements to support you to achieve your goal and sustain your ideal weight and body shape

  • 5 sessions                                                           THB 15,750    (THB 3,150/session)
  • 10 sessions                                                         THB 28,000 (THB 2,800/session)

Cupping (30 min): THB 1,200

Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system (which makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure).

  • 5 sessions                                              THB 5,400 (THB 1,080/session)
  • 10 sessions                                            THB 9,600 (THB 960/session)

Acupuncture (60 min): THB 2,200

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain. Increasingly, it is being used for overall wellness, including stress management.

  • 5 sessions                                                THB 10,000 (THB 2,000/session)
  • 10 sessions                                              THB 18,000 (THB 1,800/session)

Acupuncture + Sound Healing or Cupping (60 min): THB 2,800

Acupuncture is combined with sound healing for mind and body stress release. Tibetan sound healing bowls and tuning forks are used to increase the power of the acupuncture needles whilst your mind and soul are soothed by the sound vibrations which induces full body relaxation.

  • 5 sessions                                                         THB 13,000 (THB 2,600/session)
  • 10 sessions                                                       THB 23,200 (THB 2,320/session)

Facial Acupuncture for Acne (45 min): THB 2,200

Treating the root cause and stimulating immediate reduction of redness and spots, this treatment uses specific acupuncture points to help balance hormones and clear energy pathways. The needles stimulate blood flow and collagen underneath the surface, cool the skin and boost the body’s natural repair system. The result is decreased inflammation and redness, reduced acne scaring and clearer skin.

  • 5 sessions                                                 THB 10,000 (THB 2,000/session)
  • 10 sessions                                               THB 18,000 (THB 1.800/session)

Facial Acupuncture for Face Lifting (45 min): THB 2,200

Facial Acupuncture works in several ways. By stimulating collagen production, the collagen fills in fine lines and wrinkles. By stimulating the skin, we improve skin tone and by strengthening the facial muscles we tighten the skin which lifts the face leaving you with a lighter, lifted, fresher look.

  • 5 sessions                                                      THB 10,000 (THB 2,000/session)
  • 10 sessions                                                    THB 18,000 (THB 1.800/session)

Guasha Face Shaping (45 min): THB 1,800

Facial Guasha is a gentle version of this technique that is typically used on the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The aim is to break down tissue blockages and stagnation and release toxins. Guasha helps with lifting, tightening and brightening the face and helps to shape the face.

  • 5 sessions                                                 THB 7,875 (THB 1,575/session)
  • 10 sessions                                              THB 14,750 (THB 1,475/session)

Add on treatment (recommended)

  • Facial Acupuncture (45 min)           THB 2,200

Acupuncture will decrease inflammation and improve the healing process of Guasha Face Shaping. Adding acupuncture will assist to lifting, tightening and brightening the face.

Sound Healing (60 min): THB 1,900

When sound waves reach our ears, they are converted into electrical signals that travel up the auditory nerve into the auditory cortex, the part of the brain that processes sound. Once sound waves reach our brains, they trigger responses in our bodies. This process alters our emotions, releases hormones and chemicals that affect both our bodies and our moods, and triggers certain impulses (for example, singing and dancing). Includes drumming, tuning forks and Himalayan singing bowls.

  • 5 sessions                                              THB 8,800  (THB 1,760/session)
  • 10 sessions                                            THB 15,700 (THB 1,570/session)

Tui Na (45 min): THB 2,200

Tui Na methods include the use of hand and arm techniques to massage the soft tissue (muscles and tendons) of the body, stimulation of acupressure points to directly affect the flow of Qi, and manipulation techniques to realign the musculoskeletal and ligamentous relationships (bone setting). Used to treat chronic pain, especially that caused by muscle-skeletal conditions and injuries.

A Mindful Path to A Better Body and A Better Life