Shrink Me

80,000 THB

Lose fat fast with our safe but effective fat loss programs, combining personalized nutrition, movement, holistic therapies, functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and high-tech body treatments.

Package includes
1x Initial Consultation
2x Mid Consultation
1x End Consultation
1x Functional Medicine Consultation
2x Body Composition
2x 3D Body Scan
1x Postural Assessment
1x Functional Fitness Assessment
2x Colonic Hydrotherapy
8x Infrared Sauna – Weight Loss
2x IV Infusions – Protector
2x IV Infusions – Energizer
4x Body Skin Tightening (RF + Shockwave + Body Scan)
4x BodyConscious Signature Oriental Body Toning
2x Gut Health Massage (Chi Nei Tsang)
1x Manual Lymphatic Drainage
1x Hypnotherapy
8x E-FIT

Decreased Number and Size of Fat Cells
Lighter and Slimmer Body
Increased Metabolism
Increased Energy Levels

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