Counter the effects of aging and high-stress lifestyles with this rejuvenating 3-7 day program. This package uses functional and holistic medicine to balance hormones and calm inflammations that contribute to premature aging and chronic diseases. Improve your mental clarity, vitality and slow down the aging process!

PACKAGE3 Days5 Days7 Days
Initial Wellness Consultation111
End Consultation111
Functional Medicine Consultation001
Body Composition111
3D Body Scan111
Postural Analysis111
Colonic Hydrotherapy111
Infrared Sauna – Anti Aging123
IV Infusion – Protector111
IV Infusion –Energizer112
Guasha Face Shaping111
Gut Health Massage(Chi Nei Tsang)111
BodyConscious Signature Body Work011
Acupuncture & Sound Healing or Cupping012
Facial Acupuncture for Face Lifting001
Manual Lymphatic Drainage001
Total Treatments111420

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