Hormone Balancing for Male

Hormone Balancing for Male


Are you currently having difficulties dealing with erectile dysfunction, infertility, hair loss, diminished sex drive, fatigue or lack of energy, poor stamina, night sweat, change in sensitivity to cold and heat, frequent urination, headache, foggy thoughts, mood swings, depression, anxiety, memory loss, irregular heart rate, unexplained weight gain, decreased muscle mass, muscle weakness, brittle or weak bones, sleep apnea or insomnia, constipation, bloating, surge in body fat or abnormal development of breast fat tissue? If yes, these symptoms may be the signs indicating hormonal imbalance. Having balanced hormones is very important for having a good quality of life as hormones are involved in almost all functions of your body, such as regulating appetite, metabolism, sleep, sexual function, stress, mood and body temperature.

Changes in the balance of hormones may be caused by several factors. One natural and common cause is increase in age. To illustrate, after the age of 30, growth hormone tends to naturally decline. Growth hormone plays a vital role in strengthening bones, enhances recovery, increases muscle mass and maintains organs and tissues. Also, as men age, their testosterone hormone tends to decline while estrogen is likely to incline. The decrease in testosterone and increase in estrogen leads to many symptoms, such as fatigue, lack of energy, changes in mood, muscle weakness, infertility, reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, development of breast tissues, weight gain and increase in body fat. Aside from the growth and sex hormones, there are also other significant factors that influence the balance of hormones, including function of the thyroid, stress hormones, inflammation level, blood sugar level, fat lipids and vitamin D.

Even though the hormonal imbalance seems to be unavoidable, the good news is that through proper diagnoses, lab tests, lifestyle adjustment, treatments and personalized supplementation, the imbalances are correctable and can bring about a happier and healthier life.

Suitable for men:
• Who are experiencing erectile dysfunction, infertility, diminished sex drive, lack of energy, weight gain, lower muscle mass, muscle weakness and low stamina.
• Who are having difficulty dealing with night sweat, change in sensitivity to cold and heat or frequent urination.
• Who are suffering from headache, foggy thoughts, mood swing, memory loss, depression, anxiety, sleep apnea or insomnia.
• Who are experiencing gut health issues, such as constipation and bloating.

Lab Tests and Services Included in the Package:
• 19 lab tests, including complete blood count, blood sugar level, lipids, kidney function, liver function, Thyroid hormones, adrenal gland hormones, sex hormones, inflammation markers and vitamin D.
• Initial functional medicine consultation and follow up functional medicine consultation
• Complimentary Body Composition Analysis (1 session) and 3D Body Scan (1 session) (valued 1,300 THB)
• Sound Healing with Acupuncture (50% OFF) (1 session)

Package Price: 19,300 THB

Duration: The test results will take approximately 3 working days.

Preparation: Please kindly avoid food and beverages at least 8 hours before the blood draw for the accurate test results

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