Fix Me

63,000 THB

Are injuries or mobility issues preventing you from exercising? This package combines physiotherapy with restorative bodywork and gentle exercise to help you regain joy in movement.

Package includes
1x Initial Consultation
2x Mid Consultation
1x End Consultation
1x Functional Medicine Consultation
2x Body Composition
2x 3D Body Scan
2x Postural Assessment
2x Functional Fitness Assessment
8x Infrared Sauna – Pain Relief
1x Manual Lymphatic Drainage
1x Cupping
2x Acupuncture
2x BodyConscious Signature Ultra Acupuncture
8x Restore Physical function
4x Shockwave
4x E-FIT
4x Private Stretch Session
4x Personal Training: Functional Fitness

Significantly reduced Aches and Pains
Increased Ease in Movement
Increased Strength and Physical Stamina

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