Cleanse Me

69,000 THB

Detox is an essential first step for any weight loss or health improvement program. Far beyond a standard juice fast, we deep cleanse all body systems safely using diet, infrared, colonics, IV, lymphatic drainage and more. This four-week program allows for the beginning of detox of more chronic and/or higher levels of toxin exposure.

Package includes
1x Initial Consultation
2x Mid Consultation
1x End Consultation
1x Functional Medicine Consultation
2x Body Composition
2x 3D Body Scan
4x Colonic Hydrotherapy
7x Infrared Sauna – Detoxications
4x IV Infusions – Protector
4x IV Infusions – Energizer
1x Gua Sha Face Shaping
3x Gut Health Massage(Chi Nei Tsang)
4x Manual Lymphatic Drainage
2x Acupuncture
1x Sound Healing with Singing Bowls
1x Tension Release Massage
1x Hypnotherapy
1x Private Stretch Session
1x Personal Training: Functional Fitness

Improved Digestive Function
Relieve Symptoms of Inflammation
Increased Energy Levels
Improved microbiome

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