Build My Immunity

68,000 THB

Keeping your immune system strong and healthy is important for both physical and mental health – it helps you feel resilient when others may be in panic. Having a well functioning immune system is the best way to fight off organisms that create disease.  Taking a multi-functional approach this month long programme will improve your immune system and build your physical and mental resilience.  After your have completed this programme you will have tools and strategies you can employ yourself to maintain a healthy immune system for yourself and your family.

Package includes
1x Initial Consultation
1x Mid Consultation
1x End Consultation
1x Functional Medicine Consultation
2x Body Composition
2x 3D Body Scan
1x Postural Assessment
1x Functional Fitness Assessment
1x Lab Test – G6PD
2x Colonic Hydrotherapy
8x Infrared Sauna – Detoxications
1x IV Infusions – Protector
1x IV Infusions – Energizer
2x IV Infusions – High Dose Vitamin C
1x Supplement (Detox, Weight Loss, Sleep or Immunity)
1x BodyConscious Signature Organic Facial Treatment
2x Gut Health Massage (Chi Nei Tsang)
2x Manual Lymphatic Drainage
1x TCM Diagnosis
4x Acupuncture
1x Sound Healing with Singing Bowls
2x Restore Physical Function
5x Private Stretch Session
5x Personal Training: Functional Fitness

Boosted immune system
Physical and mental resilience
Increased Energy Levels
Path to recovery from chronic conditions

Additional services:
Lab tests 32,750 THB
Food 30,000 THB

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