BodyConscious Signature Oriental Body Toning

3,500 THB

This carefully crafted Oriental body treatment follows Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy to tone up the body line. Metabolism is stimulated by combining acupuncture with infrared light to speed up the fat burning process and promote body toning. Cupping is then applied to break down cellulite and fat cells. The waste products are then drained through the lymphatic system to create firmness and tone of the body. After the treatment our TCM doctor also provide important information, herbs and supplements to support you to achieve your goal and sustain your ideal weight and body shape.

  • 5 sessions THB 15,750 (THB 3,150 /session)
  • 10 sessions + 1 free session THB 29,750 (THB 2,705 /session)
  • 15 sessions+ 2 free sessions THB 44,625 (THB 2,625 /session)

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