Body Fat Reduction


A combination of Cryo (Cryolipolysis) and Shockwave therapy, working on the basis of fat cell freezing and sound wave membrane rupture to reduce fat in targeted body parts. The treatment can kill up to 25% of fat cells and is recommended for people that are struggling with fat bulges and aim for a slimmer and more contoured body shape. This is a soft-fat removal therapy and is applied for body parts with a fat layer of no more than 1cm. This package also includes a complimentary 3D Body Scan of the treated area, so you can see and measure actual impact.

 Single AreaTwo Areas
LargeTHB 7,600THB 10,640 (THB 5,770/area)
MediumTHB 5,700THB 7,980 (THB 3,990/area)
ChinTHB 3,800THB 5,320 (THB 2,660/area)

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