Basic Energy Boost Up and Stress Management

Basic Energy Boost Up and Stress Management


This package will help you to determine the major issues behind your lack of energy and constant tiredness by understanding your stress hormones and any inflammation in your body. This test includes blood composition, thyroid and adrenal function and inflammation markers. The results will help the doctors guide you towards the best natural solutions to regain your energy and manage your stress.

Suitable for:
• Those who feel constantly tired and lack of energy no matter how much they rest.
• Those who are easily stressed and do not cope with stress well.
• Those who are experiencing sleep difficulty.
• Those who are looking for ways to boost up their energy levels naturally.
• Those who easily get inflammation and feel pain.

Lab Tests and Services Included in the Package:
• 12 lab tests, including complete blood count, G6PD, kidney function, liver function, inflammation markers, Thyroid hormones, adrenal gland hormone and Vitamin D.
• Initial functional medicine consultation and follow up functional medicine consultation
• Complimentary Body Composition Analysis (1 session) and 3D Body Scan (1 session) (valued 1,300 THB)
• Sound Healing or Gut Health Massage (50% OFF) (1 session)

Package Price: 12,650 THB

Duration: The test results will take approximately 1 working day.

Preparation: For the blood draw, patients do not need to avoid food and beverages.

Online Consultation is Available Now

Initial consultation with our functional medicine doctor cost 1,000 THB (60 mins), only on Monday, Thursday and Sunday