Antibody Response After COVID 19 Vaccination

3,850 THB

This lab test program determines IgG antibodies against, COVID-19 Spike Protein IgG Quantitative Antibody, known as COVID 19, which help to evaluate and monitor the level of immunity developed after individuals have received COVID 19 vaccines or after individuals fully recovered from COVID 19 infection.

Apart from blood test, this program also includes in-depth functional medicine consultation. Our functional medicine doctors are specialised in weight management, hormone balancing, anti-aging, gut health, stress management, sleep enhancement and nutrition. This package also includes our immunity boosting IV Infusion called Energizer, which is normally offered at 2,900 THB. This IV Infusion is rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, which are best known for stimulating the immune system, preventing viral infection, inhibiting allergic reactions, alleviating pains, relieving stress and enhancing sleep.

This package is suitable for:
• Those who have received the second dose COVID 19 vaccines at least 28 days but no longer than 3 months.
• Those who are fully recovered from COVID 19 infection and has completed a 14-day quarantine after discharging from the hospital. Please kindly show us the discharge document from the hospital.

This package is not suitable for:
• Those who want to confirm diagnosis of Covid-19 infection. (Please kindly contact hospitals offering RTPCR test.)
• Those who are immune compromised or those who are currently taking immunosuppressant medication.
• Those who are allergic to Vitamin C, Magnesium, or Vitamin B.

Package Price: 3,850 THB (Discounted from 5,300 THB)
• 1 x COVID-19 Spike Protein IgG Quantitative Antibody (Blood Test)
• 1 x Initial Functional Medicine Consultation
• 1 x Follow Up Functional Medicine Consultation
• 1 x IV Infusion (Energizer)
• Including doctor and nursing fees

Recommendations and Precautions:
• The available vaccines can lower the chance of getting infected with Covid-19 and from developing life threatening conditions once infected, but there is no evidence that the vaccines can help stop transmission from a person to another.
• Regardless of the test results, it is highly recommended that individuals who have taken the test strictly follow the public health guideline, such as social distancing, wearing masks and using hand alcohol sanitizers.
• The immunity level against COVID 19 will naturally decline 6 months after vaccination and natural infection.

Online Consultation is Available Now

Initial consultation with our functional medicine doctor cost 1,000 THB (60 mins), only on Monday, Thursday and Sunday