Immunity Enhancement (Comprehensive)

Immunity enhancements lab test promotion

The immune system is a natural defense that is working non-stop to ensure our bodies remain healthy. It helps to fight off harmful bacteria, viruses, injuries and other abnormalities that sometimes occur in the body. Therefore, it is imperative that we take measures to ensure our immune system is always strong and resilient.

At Body Conscious we provide the Immunity Enhancement (Comprehensive) lab test program to analyze at the cellular level any potential problems that need to be addressed and identify ways to strengthen the immune system.

Suitable for anyone who becomes ill easily or frequently, easily tired or fatigued, have little rest or trouble sleeping and/or have irregular bowel movements.

The Immunity Enhancement (Comprehensive) Lab Test Program includes:
✅ 15 laboratory tests: complete blood count, blood sugar, blood lipid levels, growth hormone and adrenal gland hormone levels, levels of vitamins and minerals, liver function, kidney function, and the detection of organic matter in the urine
✅ Consultation from a specialist in anti-aging and rehabilitation medicine, follow-up and post-examination services
✅ Free body mass measurement and 3D body analysis, total value 1,300 baht
✅ Intravenous nutrition program IV Energizer at a special 50% discount (1 time)

Immunity Enhancement (Comprehensive) Lab Test Program
Only THB 29,900 (from THB 35,600)
Today - 30 June 2021

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