Shockwave Therapy & Acupuncture

Shockwave Therapy & Acupuncture Promotion

Office workers sitting in front of a computer screen all day are recommended to stretch their muscles at least every hour and set their tables, chairs and computer screens in good alignment. Having a headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, numbness in the wrists or feet are the pain signals of Office Syndrome.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy + Acupuncture:

  1. Relieve neck pain
  2. Relieve shoulder pain
  3. Relieve tension headache
  4. Relieve muscular pain
  5. Reduce muscle tightness
  6. Reduce musculoskeletal discomfort
  7. Increase mobility
  8. Reduce swelling
  9. Improve sleep quality
  10. Release of trigger points and muscle tension

Indications: who can benefit from shockwave therapy + acupuncture?

  1. Anyone who sits at a desk for more than 20 hours/week - release hips, reduce tightness in the upper back and neck, open up the shoulders, relieve elbows and wrists
  2. Anyone who practices the same exercise and/or sport for more than 5 hours per week - repair wear and tear on joints, release tightness in tendons, ligaments and muscles
  3. Anyone who has suffered physical trauma, i.e. falling down, pulling a muscle, lingering soreness
  4. Anyone who has trouble sleeping due to physical discomfort

Office Syndrome Therapy Program with Shockwave Therapy & Acupuncture
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Today - 30 June 2021

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