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Pain Management

Pain Management

Using our muscles too little or too much can both lead to muscle and joint pains which could affect both your productivity during the day and your sleep during the night. If your body functions well any pain that is caused by a strain or pull should gradually alleviate as time goes by. However, if you have tried several ways to mitigate your pain, and you still find that chronic and ongoing pain always interrupt your activities and sleep there might be other underlying causes that may be stopping the recovery process.

This lab test package will look through the possible causes for chronic pain, including stress, blood sugar level, high inflammation rate, poor gut health, abnormal thyroid hormone and vitamin deficiencies. Sudden stress will cause your muscle to tense up. Once the stress has passed, the tension will be released. However, if you have long- lasting stress, your muscle will tense constantly leading to headache, shoulder and back stiffness and neck pain. Glucose is necessary for muscles to properly relax and contract. The imbalance level of sugar, whether high or low, could result in muscle cramps, muscle pain, joint stiffness and tension. The higher the inflammation rate, the higher the possibility for a person to experience muscle stiffness, soreness and weakness, slow pain recovery, and pain sensitivity. Another factor contributing to muscle pain but often unrealized by people is poor gut health. The imbalance in gut caused by foreign invaders, such as toxins and bad bacteria can trigger inflammation which in turn leads to skeletal muscle and joint pains. Too little thyroid hormone, hypothyroidism, can lead the overall body functions to slow down, resulting in several symptoms, such a weight gain, fatigue and joint and muscle pain. Deficiencies in vital vitamins, such as Vitamin D and Vitamin B can also lead to muscle and joint pain. Lack of Vitamin B can trigger symptoms, such as muscle weakness and muscle cramps. Vitamin D, is crucial for keeping healthy bones, lack of Vitamin D can result in joint pain, muscle pain and muscle weakness. Using reliable tests as below, our functional medicine doctor will be able to give you clear solutions on how to alleviate the pains.


Suitable for:

  • Those who suffer from chronic pain
  • Those who have chronic muscle or joint pains due to sport injuries or active activities.
  • Those who have tried many ways to treat their chronic pains, but still find that the pains persist.


Lab Tests and Services Included in the Package:

  • 14 lab tests, including complete blood count, G6PD, blood sugar level, kidney function, liver function, inflammation markers, thyroid hormone, adrenal gland hormones, vitamin D and Urine Profile
  • Initial functional medicine consultation and follow up functional medicine consultation
  • Body Composition Analysis (1 session), Postural Analysis (1 session) and TCM Diagnosis (1 Session)



Package Price: 30,200 THB

Duration: The test results will take approximately 7 working days.
Preparation: Please kindly avoid food and beverages at least 8 hours before the blood draw. For the urine collection, please kindly avoid food and beverages at least 8 hours before collecting the first morning urine.


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