Choose from one of BodyConscious' 5 signature programs according to your needs, or allow us to create a personalized solution for you.

Better Me

This program is a compilation of our most effective services to achieve a better body in the shortest time possible. Kickstart your journey into cleansing, shrinking and toning. Check out full details!

Cleanse Me

Detox is an essential first step for any weight loss or health improvement program. Far beyond a standard juice fast, we deep cleanse all body systems safely using diet, infrared, colonics, IV, lymphatic drainage and more. and more!

Shrink Me

Lose fat fast with our safe but effective fat loss programs, combining personalized nutrition, movement, holistic therapies, functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and high-tech body treatments.  Learn More now! 

Tone Me

Now the fat is gone, it's time to tighten and tone the body. Using a combination of passive exercise, functional training and high-tech body treatments. Also ideal for reducing the appearance of cellulite.   Find out more! 

Fix Me

Are injuries or mobility issues preventing you from exercising? This package combines physiotherapy with restorative bodywork and gentle exercise to help you regain joy in movement. See Details!

Renew Me

Counter the effects of aging and high-stress lifestyles. This rejuvenating program uses functional and holistic medicine to balance hormones and calm the inflammation that contributes to premature aging and chronic disease. More Info!

Build My Immunity

Taking a multi-functional approach this month long programme will improve your immune system and build your physical and mental resilience.  After your have completed this programme you will have tools and strategies you can employ yourself to maintain a healthy immune system for yourself and your family.

Sleep Beautifully

Good quality sleep is essential for optimal health and is crucial to how well we age how well we feel and operate during each day.   When we don't sleep well we hardly ever feel our best.  This retreat sets a new pattern to your life to enable you to achieve deeply restorative sleep night after night, helping you turn up as your best self each day.

Personalized Program

Need something else? No problem. Our integrated team of medical doctors, holistic practitioners, physiotherapists, fitness coaches, counsellors and bodyworkers can create a package that is 100% tailored to your health and lifestyle needs.


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