Two years after BodyConscious was created we have seen more than a thousand clients. Many nationalities with different personalities and lifestyle habits who have come to us to improve their well-being, using our help to change their habits towards a better path.

All these cases allowed us to build and improve our expertise of wellness through the variety of the people we have helped and problems we have solved.

Everybody is different but along the way we noticed some similarities in certain domains.

More than a hundred people came to BodyConscious to test their body performance by Functional Medicine Lab Tests.  These tests allow our team to analyse many aspects of our clients health – from metabolism, hormones, vitamins, bacteria present or lacking in the body to intestinal heath and ability of your body to eliminate toxins.

After having tested a varied panel of different people (broad spectrum of age, gender, weight, lifestyle, living location, nationalitiy) we found some similarities on the toxins present in the body.    Around 90% of the people tested present with a level of toxicity exceeding the normal range! More than the half of these people live in Thailand, others elsewhere but all showing a similar kind of result independent of age or circumstance.

To test the level of toxins in the body we look for 5 different insults in the body.

Trans Muconate : Better known as Benzene, Trans Muconate comes mostly from car fumes and cigarette smoke. Being indoor doesn’t mean that you are protected however. The benzene in indoor air comes from products that contain benzene such as glues, paints, furniture wax, and detergents. This toxin can provoke many kind of skin irritation, headaches or even death at rare very high risk level. More than 50% of the people tested were showing a level of Trans Muconate exceeding the normal range. The majority of the people affected are Males in their 20’s.


 Phtalates: Is a substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity. It is found in all kind of soft plastic such as food and drink containers! Phthalates are broadly classified as endocrine disruptors (disturbs hormone production). Almost 60% of the people tested revealed a level of Phtalates exceeding the normal range. The majority of the people affected are males between 20 and 30 years old.

2-Methyl Hippurate : is a byproduct of the detoxification of the common solvent Xylene. Our body produces it to eliminate Xylene. Xylene is a toxin that is found in solvent, paint and anything produced with leather. Xylene vapor can lead to depression of the central nervous system (CNS), with symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Nearly 90% of the people tested showed a level of 2-Methyl Hippurate exceeding the normal range. The majority of the people with results surpassing the norm are women between 20 and 30 years old.

Orotate: Orotate is produced by our body in response to an increase of Ammonia in the body. Ammonia can be found in solvent, cleaning products and fertilizer. This toxin can cause respitory irritation and in the case of very dangerous exposure lung damage and death. More than 85% of our clients tested were above the normal level of Orotate in the body. The highest results can be seen on females below 20 years old


Mandalate : Mandalate is produced by our body to help eliminate Styrene. A synthetic chemical also known as vinylbenzene. It can be found in many products such as rubber, plastic, insulation, fiberglass, pipes, automobile parts, food containers. The effects on the health of styrene includes irritation of the skin, eyes, and the upper respiratory tract. Acute exposure may also result in gastrointestinal effects. Chronic exposure can affect the central nervous system. Nearly 90% of the people tested were showing a level of Mandalate exceeding the normal range. Particularly male between 41 and 50


The best way to remove these chemicals from your system is to go on a controlled and careful detox.  Body Conscious offers both the testing and the cleansing programmes.