Get record results in minimal time, with our EMS training. A specially-fitted suit uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles, while your trainer guides you though simple exercise regimes to improve strength, posture and cardio health.


- Improves muscle strength

- Improves cardiorespiratory endurance

- Burns fat

- Prevents muscle atrophy

- Rehabilitates parts of the body

- Reduces cellulite


- Clients with artificial cardiac pacemakers, wearing electrocardiographic and other electronic medical devices

- Duringmenstruation and pregnancy

- Susceptibility for epilepsy or other convulsive seizures

- Seriousillnessand cancer

- Infectiousdiseasesand high fever

- Heart disease and uncontrolled high blood pressure

- Skin disease or skin insensitive to touching, especially dry skin

- Metal body implants (including medical metal for prothesis)


1 sesion: 1,400 THB/ 30 min

5 sessions: 6,650 THB (1,330 THB/session)

10 sessions: 12,600 THB (1,145 THB/session) + 1 free session

15 sessions: 17,850 THB (1,050 THB/session) + 2 free sessions