Each and every one of us is exposed to toxins on a daily basis. They are in the air we breathe in, in the food we eat, in the cosmetic products we apply to ourselves and the cleaning products we use in our home. When we get an unhealthy buildup it’s not pretty. An excessive amount of toxins will inevitably lead to a physical and mental health issues. That’s why you should give your body the chance to cleanse (detox) and restore itself from time to time. Here the 8 benefits of detox:

1. Feel refreshed and energized

Many clients that are going on a detox program report that they feel lighter and more energetic. One reason being that they stop feeding the body with toxins and chemicals during that period, another one the abstinence of food and beverages containing sugar, caffeine, and trans-fat which stimulate you at first but cause fatigue afterward. During detox, you want to focus on raw and fresh fruits and vegetables that provide you with natural energy.

2. Support weight loss

Detoxing will help you to lose weight easily and can be a great kick-start if you are planning to lose a couple of pounds. However, keep in mind that a detox program does not equal a weight loss program. If you want to lose weight in the long-run, you need to establish healthy eating habits and an exercise routine that you can maintain as permanent lifestyle changes. Fast weight loss with extraordinary efforts in diet and exercise might be popular but will only bring you short-term results.

3. Boost your immune system

During detoxification, your body gets to rest, and organs are working more efficiently. Meaning, that your body absorbs more nutrients from the food you’re eating. On a detox, you would usually follow a diet that is high in Vitamin C to boost your immune system, along with some herbs that support the circulation of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system in its turn also helps to boost the immune system as it recognizes and destroys toxins and foreign substances. That is why many detox programs also include a set of light exercises to improve circulation.

4. Better skin

The skin is the biggest organ of all in the body and plays a vital role in detoxification. You may find that your skin is itchy, and its condition worsens at the beginning of your detox as your body is trying to get rid of the toxins. However, towards the end of your program, you will feel how the skin becomes smoother and clearer. Going to the sauna when doing detox helps to cleanse the hair follicles and supports the process.

5. Slow down the aging process

Continuous toxicity is a factor that accelerates the aging process. Detoxing, therefore, increases your longevity. It is essential however, to not fall back into your old habits after your detox program. Try to refrain from using products and engaging in activities that will accumulate toxins on a permanent basis, and you will live longer and happier.

6. Brighten your mind

A good detox program not only considers your body, but also your mind. Connecting the two will help you to feel more in tune with yourself and brighten your thoughts. Meditation is one way of doing so.

7. Prevent and treat illness or chronic disease

Free radicals are the cause for many types of cancers and chronic diseases. Detox helps the body to eliminate these irradiations and provides you with greater immunity. In addition, it also helps to increase your energy levels, improves your digestion, sleep, mood, and your overall health condition. All of which can prevent and treat chronic diseases.

8. Establish new, healthy habits

If you are addicted to sugar, coffee or crunchy snacks, embrace this opportunity to help you reduce those cravings. Often when people try to eliminate those kinds of foods, they fail, because they don’t change anything else about their diet and fall back into old habits. When following a detox diet, you will experience how much healthier and better your body feels, which will motivate you to keep going with healthy eating habits for the future.

When going on a cleanse, you might experience “detox” symptoms such as headaches or fatigue in the first few days. This is normal. Drinking more water and resting may help reduce these symptoms. You should consult a specialist however, should they continue for much longer. Once you have successfully completed your detox program, you might feel so good, that you’re inspired to make permanent lifestyle changes.