Short Stay: Weight Loss

Lose fat fast with our 3-7 day holistic weight loss program! For a lighter and slimmer body,
an increased metabolism, and boost in
energy levels.

Package Inclusions

PACKAGE3 Days5 Days7 Days
Initial Wellness Consultation111
Nutrition Consultation111
Body Composition111
3D Body Scan111
Postural Analysis111
Colonic Hydrotherapy122
Infrared Sauna – Weight Loss234
Body Fat Reduction
(Cryo- & Shockwave therapy)
Chi Nei Tsang122
Manual Lymphatic Drainage1
Private Stretch 2
Total Treatments121621
Value16,250 THB25,850 THB35,250 THB
Saving4,250 THB6,350 THB7,950 THB
Price12,000 THB19,500 THB27,300 THB