Price: 2000 THB

Physiotherapy is a treatment to restore,maintain and improve a client’s mobility,function and wellbeing. A physiotherapy treatment aims to repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life.

Book a physiotherapy treatment if you suffer from limited range of motion, office syndrome,chronic pain, a sports or other injury,any kind of physical discomfort or if you require rehabilitation – it is likely your physiotherapist can help. Our physiotherapy treatments generally start with an assessment, the use of ultrasound on the affected area, manual mobilization
and massage techniques, relaxation massage and then exercise for the affected area. At the end of the session your physiotherapist will assign some exersizes for you to do easily at home to continue the repair work Our aim in Body Conscious is to have you functioning to full capacity as quickly as possible. Please support this process by following the physiotherapists post treatment plan as explained during your

• Improve blood circulation and healing process
• Reduce stiffness and pain
• Increase mobility


• Active bone disease or cancer
• Local acute infection.
• Joint and ligament instability, fracture and dislocation.
• Unstable vital sign.